Seriously Thinking Of Writing An Ebook

So, it’s January and last month during the holiday celebrations I was lucky enough to receive an Amazon gift card. With my gift card I purchased a few e-books. One of the e-books that I got was supposedly about “Small Business SEO for 2015 & Beyond”, it was little more than a glorified blog post which retailed for $1. Another one of the e-books that I got was probably translated from Google translate. I could barely read a few sentences in before I deleted it from my tablet. Long story short this lead me to realize the extremely low bar that has been set for e-book publishing and now I’m seriously thinking of writing an e-book.

The e-book that I want to write is going to be branded with my company name (Climb New Heights) and will be a basic introduction into html & css. Although, knowing me I will most likely get carried away with writing it and end up writing a novel encompassing exactly how to create a web page using html/css.

Writing an e-book seems so lucrative to me considering a few of the e-books that I bought off Amazon were little more than repetitive blog posts and offered little to no new information for me. Each of them retailed for anywhere from $0.99 to $5. There is no doubt in my mind that I can create something of value that would be worth a few dollars.

Especially since I already created an e-book for my website Stupid Simple Fitness where I teach people how to slowly transform their diet from unhealthy to healthy. The worst thing is that I offer the e-book for free and then you have greedy a-holes making $1 a download from absolute filth.

My only concern in writing this e-book is I have no idea how I’m going to limit the e-book because once I trying to teach people how to use html/css in book form I could get carried away and just write everything that I’ve ever known about the subject. With any lucky I should start outlining the book sometime next week…hopefully. Wish me luck!

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