My First Ebook!

My Very First Ebook “Introduction To HTML & CSS”!

January of 2015, I wrote an article pondering the thought of writing my first ebook. That article is listed here. It is now July and I’ve done what I once thought was nearly impossible and I’ve written my first ebook!

The book is titled “Introduction to HTML & CSS: Learn To Code Websites Like A Pro” and is currently listed for sale on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

The book totals 118 pages in total and has already sold 2 copies in the UK. In all honesty, I’m super excited that I even sold one copy and I’m grateful for the opportunity to even publish an ebook in the first place.

“Introduction to HTML & CSS” was obviously meant to be an introductory book, however throughout the text I drop knowledge that I gathered during my years of experience coding websites. As well as some “hints” towards the next phase for any beginner website developer.

All in all, writing the ebook was a great experience and will open the doors to me possibly writing more in the future.

I’m incredibly excited to the future for my personal brand as well as my business. As always thank you for reading and make sure to leave a comment below to let me know what you think! God bless!

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