Hi, I'm Danny Ajini!

I am a(n) graphic designer|website developer|internet marketer|artist|entrepreneur.

Danny Ajini

Hi, my name is Danny Ajini and I am a front-end developer. For those who aren't in the know that means that I create websites, but mostly the part that you see when you actually visit the website. The majority of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes such as credit card processing and database mumbojumbo is not my cup of tea.

I have been known for my God-given creativity ever since Kindergarten. I naturally gravitated to a career that would allow me to express my creativity in a productive manner. Creating websites and designing logos and graphics is not only fun but it allows me to create interactive works of art that can be seen by people all over the world.

Currently I am working on a myriad of projects including my design firm called, Climb New Heights. I also run a website dedicated to fitness called Stupid Simple Fitness. There you can get all the fitness information that you ever desired with no filler! I even cut through the lies that the fitness industry tries to sell to you and give you the 100% truth! And in addition to all that I also create works of art on canvas! Check out my Etsy store!

If you are interested in working with me on a new project please don't hesitate to contact me! I love taking on new projects, especially start ups. There is nothing more satisfying than building a brand from the ground up starting from the logo to the stationary and sealing the deal with a beautifully crafted website!

Check out some of my work below!


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Carlo's Pizza @ 18 & Hayes

We had created this website as a redesign of Carlo's original website. The owner at Carlo's had his menu redesigned and wanted his website to match the new design. In the end we created a beautiful website that matched his brand identity.

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Climb New Heights

When I was creating the logo for my web development company I had a specific vision in mind. I had pictured a bold, mountain theme with large block letters under it. This is what I came up with.

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Ghost Essentials E-liquid

The producer of Ghost Essentials had first contacted me with an idea for a ghost logo for his brand. He sketched out his idea and I created it to the best of my ability. Then we proceded with several kinds of e-liquid labels!

Epoxy Prime Coat

Epoxy Prime Coat had first attempted to create their own website using a free website builder. I took their free website and improved upon it greatly and made it fully responsive as well!

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Direct Auto Leads

Direct Auto Leads was looking to redesign their entire website and make it more appealing as well as incorporate more calls to action to entice it's visitors.

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Dock & Bay Trading Co.

The creators of Dock & Bay love all things nautical and wanted their very own e-commerce website where they could sell their favorite nautical accessories!

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JDEEI Enterprises Inc.

JDEEI Enterprises wanted a website to showcase all of their CNC machining capabilities. JDEEI is a small show with huge capabilities and they wanted a website that could show exactly that!

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Healing & Deliverance Conferance

I had been contacted by a church to do a flyer for their Healing & Deliverance conferance hosted by Dr. Stedroy Williams.

Stupid Simple Fitness

Stupid Simple Fitness is my own personal fitness website dedicated to getting people in the best shape of their lives as well as dispelling all of the myths that are perpetuated by the fitness industry.

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Erin's Performance

Erin of Erin's Performance had contacted me to create an e-commerce website that would not only be a virtual storefront for diesel performance upgrades but would also showcase his performance installation services.

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R. Prophet's Genesis Part 1

R. Prophet, formally of the Nappy Roots, had contacted me about designing an album cover for his new cd entitled Genesis Part 1. He had said that he wanted a convergence of fire and water and I delivered just that!

Car Loan Champ

Car Loan Champ is an official sponsor of Ben "Bad News" Lagman and our logo that we created for them was featured on Spike TV. Recently Car Loan Champ's website had a redesign and we made it much more vibrant and incorporated more calls to action to convert visitors more frequently.

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